Advantages and disadvantages of the use of modern technology

Technology has been the most powerful transformation factor in the history of mankind, and although today it is more visible and shocking its effect, we know that technology has been applied in different ways since the beginning of humanity, from the invention of Fire and wheel which are primitive expressions of technology.


What is technology

This word is present in all aspects of human life. It is important to know your concept in a simple way. I learned that technology is nothing more than the way human beings do things. Making use of the resources you have at your disposal. Now I share the list of advantages and disadvantages that the use of modern technology.

10 Benefits of Technology

  1.  It overcrowds information and democratize the media.
  2. Automates processes in all aspects of social life.
  3.  Shortens geographical and language distances.
  4. It allows better use of resources and increases production at the industrial level.
  5. Increases quality standards in goods, products and services.
  6. It has generated solutions in fields as vital as health and science.
  7. It improves the processes that have to do with renewable and clean energies.
  8. It has generated new paradigms at the labor and productive levels.
  9. It has generated new ways of learning and teaching.
  10. It allows you to do countless remote activities.

Disadvantages of modern technology

  1. Create addiction to devices, such as: Smartphone, Computers, video game consoles, etc.
  2. In many cases it has been the perfect substitute for human capital, eliminating many jobs.
  3. It has generated new pathologies at a psychosocial level.
  4. It has generated patterns of behavior that are reflected in the isolation of society.
  5. The comfort generated by the technology has caused more sedentary lifestyle.
  6. Resources are available without discrimination.
  7. It has generated new methods of terrorism and cyberbullying.
  8. It allows counterfeiting, fraud and piracy.
  9. It opens gaps between those who have the possibility to have access to technology and those that cannot.
  10. It can violate people's privacy and supplant their identity.
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 Technology trends

Where the man will come in his discoveries. You can develop the cure for diseases that today afflict humanity. It will be possible that someday we can travel to other planets.   We share the list of most important trends:

  1. Telecommunications: Mobile innovation as 5g will enable the future
  2. Health soon we will see how the digital health industry will take signals from all parts of our lives and integrate them into personalized attention.
  3. Development of Artificial Intelligence: machines learn to speak and perform human functions.
  4. Phones, cars and more things developed for blind people
  5. Home and family: New devices revolutionize the way we care for our families.
  6. Development of autonomous vehicles, advances in medical care, smart cities, AR/VR applications for commercial and consumer use, content and entertainment.


The technology in each of its advances has changed our perception of the world in the domestic, labor and business; We have all felt the impact of comfort and improvement in quality of life, however, we cannot ignore that new disorders and psychosocial situations have also emerged that have a strong impact on society.