What is VoIP service? How does it work?

A few years ago, you needed to dial the phone operator number to make a call. Today there is a more innovative way to make a long distance call. This is where VoIP services are introduced for the first time in the year 2004 when the popularity of broadband Internet access also began its development. With this type of telephone service, subscribers can make and receive a wide range of calls at really low rates.

By simply paying a fixed monthly fee for the Internet service, you can use several services. This same telephone service is already being used practically in both offices and in many households. And it can dramatically reduce the cost of phone bills.

What is VoIP telephony service?

VoIP refers to voice over Internet protocol. This service is also known as: IP telephony, Internet telephony and digital telephone. In short, this is the service that allows you to make a call through a phone connected to the Internet.  Your voice is transmitted through the web instead of using traditional cable lines. When a person speaks to you, his voice is also carried in a similar way.

VoIP is a type of telephone connection that uses the Internet as the main means to reach the other side.

One of the best examples of these services are provided by apps that you may already know among the most outstanding, WHATSAPP, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zoom among others. Enjoying VOIP services and their features has transformed the way people communicate and share information.

How does VoIP work?

By contacting someone else by using a VoIP phone, their voice signals are transformed into digital signals. Then they travel on the web. For the person on the other side of the line to listen to it, digital signals become voice signals again.

Advantages and disadvantages of the VoIP telephone service system

This may sound too good to be true, but you have to believe it. A VoIP connection makes use of high-speed Internet.  So, instead of using regular cable cables, your voice travels over the Internet and then you can save a lot compared to the costs given by the typical phone companies in your country. One more thing is that it promotes a safe conversation.

There’s a notion that says the best things in life are free. How would you react to the fact that you can make free long distance calls to everyone?  Yes, apart from the country you live in, you can also call anyone in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and many other countries at no extra cost. This is the biggest advantage of VOIP services.

Thanks to this technology many companies can be in contact with their customers even if they are in other countries. This is the feature that many companies prefer to make use of this service. Here’s the trick: the VoIP phone service system keeps people in touch despite their different geographic locations. All you have to do is take note of the phone number and you can already connect through the Web without further expenses.


The following are the best features of using this service and know why it is imperative to use VoIP.

  • Easy conferences over the Internet. Internet conferencing is very popular, especially among workers and their bosses. Wherever both sides are, they can continue to communicate clearly with each other. This is similar to how the voice or video conferencing or chat room works. Instead of flying to a destination, money is saved with this method.
  • Very affordable prices. For both companies and individuals. If all users make use of a similar conference provider, then conferences can take place clearly and at no additional cost.
  • Saving time and money. You can do real-time tele-meetings with all the team members.
  • Common problems with lost data and interrupted communication are minor.
  • The VoIP telephony service is very easy to install in your home or business.
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Of course, there is no product or service that does not have its drawbacks. For each side good comes the bad side. VoIP Service plans are really amazing, however there are some things that can make this service fail.

  1. First of all, with a power outage comes the service’s unavailability.
  2. Regular phones can work well even when there is no power, but this is impossible with VoIP. The reason is that it is connected to the cable box that depends on the current to be able to function.
  3. Another part that often annoys other users is the problem with the quality of the long distance call.

What are the protocols used by VOIP?

What is VoIP telephony service as it works advantages and disadvantages Packet switching is the function that allows VoIP to transport useful voice data through packet forms. They are transferred one at a time so that both sides can hear clear sounds. Useless silent parts are eliminated, which makes the conversation really audible. The most important protocols used by VOIP are:

  1. SIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the signaling protocol for Conference, telephony, presence, event notification and instant messaging over the Internet.
  2. IAX acronym for “Inter Asterisk eXchange”. is an open source protocol, so it can be downloaded and developed freely.
  3. IAX2 signaling and media through the same port (4569 UDP) eliminates the problems derived from the poor implementation of NAT on some routers.
  4. H. 323 originally designed for video conferencing transport.
  5. MGCP acronym for “Media Gateway Control Protocol”. It was designed to minimize communication with handsets as much as possible.
  6. SCCP acronym for “Skinny Call Control Protocol” is a proprietary protocol from Cisco.

Saving money is one of the main concerns of this telephone service. Even when you make international or long distance calls, you can benefit from flat rates.

Equipment needed to use VOIP services

The entire VOIP telephony system is made up of several VOIP equipment listed below:

  1. Computer: To have a VOIP telephony system, you must have a computer that must be compatible with a broadband Internet connection because the results in terms of quality will not be excellent if you opt for an Internet connection by telephone line .
  2. Sound card: The next most important thing that should be there to have a VOIP phone system is the presence of a sound card on your computer to have clarity of voice while listening. You can also replace the use of the soundcard using an IP phone or a phone adapter.
  3. You will also need a microphone to dial and talk.
  4. VOIP provider: Your Internet service provider must also allow VOIP phone services. It is always recommended to download the software that the company recommends.
  5. Internet connection of at least 5 Mbps allowing communication from one station to another


With its practicality for both domestic and commercial use, there is no doubt that VoIP is a common name in modern society today. Therefore, the VOIP phone system has proven to be a gift of technology that has helped many people in their businesses around the world.