Advantages and Disadvantages of Siteground Services

SiteGround emerged as an idea among young university students, around the year 2004. When they proposed to create a hosting that worked for the students who were residential. Later the idea would become the big company that today competes with the best in its field.

SiteGround has a wide range of services that have been improving over the years and are adapting each time to different needs in the users.

SiteGround Services

The main services offered by SiteGround are similar to those of their competitors but each one of them has different prices which allows to select the most convenient.

  1.  Shared Web.
  2. Web Hosting in the cloud.
  3. Dedicated servers.
  4. Enterprise Hosting Service
  5. Hosting WordPress.
  6. Creation and hosting of Woocommerce.

Benefits of hiring SiteGround Services


  1. The technical support is very efficient, the attention to clients is 24/7, through its channels like: Real time chat, ticket and telephone calls.
  2. In order to avoid latency and reduce charging time, the website is available from two physical locations, with data center in the city of Chicago and another in the city of Amsterdam.
  3. They have an excellent security system to detect in time any type of threat, jealously protecting the accounts of the clients, running even an average of 30 backups per day.
  4. Customized plans are offered, different from the conventional where the client must adapt to the predesigned plans without this rather inflexible.
  5. It has WordPress tools, in fact recommended directly by the official website of WordPress.
  6. Excellent support and assistance to disable automatic renewal in anticipation of a future problem.
  7. As far as servers are concerned they use PHP and you will be able to choose between PHP 7.2, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 and 5.3.
  8. It is possible to use MySQL and PostgreSQL to manage the databases.
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Prices of hosting plans at SiteGroung

After walking through the excellent advantages that gives us this hosting provider we present the price list of each of their plans that to date offer each of their customers.

Disadvantages of the SiteGround Hosting service

We will see some of the drawbacks that are nothing simple and in fact. Make the user reconsider hiring the services of this company.

  1. The payment system is limited by credit card;  So for international users it may be more difficult to buy these services.


Siteground has as a major point in favor of the conformation of the custom plans. Not all projects require the same characteristics you can choose a specific plan that fits the needs of your project. One of the most important advantages is the fact of replication on two continents; improving the loading speed and data security.

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