Advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap Hosting Services

Namecheap is one of the most credible and trusted web hosting services for a couple of decades, the good ratings of its customers has positioned it as one of the most solid and requested companies in Hosting services around the world.

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

Services offered by the hosting company Namecheap

  1. Domain name registration, domain transfers, personal domains, premium DNS, Free DNS
  2. Shared Hosting, hosting WordPress sites, hosting reseller, VPS, dedicated servers, email hosting.

Advantages of NAMECHEAP Hosting Services


  1. Compared to other hosting services, Namecheap is the one with the most economical rates on the market.
  2. Shared domain prices range from $2.88 to $8.88 per month
  3. The user experience is comfortable, as the interface of the service is intuitive and very neat.
  4. It gives good support, both at the level of email and chats.
  5. It has a large network of servers located in the USA. America and Europe, which gives it great confidence among its customers.
  6. The Control Panel is very easy and simple to use.
  7. The purchasing process is fast and transparent.
  8. Bandwidth is unlimited.
  9. Among your payment options is to cancel through PayPal, which facilitates international purchases.
  10. The setup procedure is guided, so it’s easy to set up the website quickly.
  11. Mail forwarding is completely free.
  12. Registering a domain is a really very simple and fast process.
  13. You have a wide variety of extra services that are very useful, such as the Whois privacy package.
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  1. You have a lot of extensions for domain name registration
  2. Initial domain registration prices are economic ranging from 0.88 cents
  3. Buy or sell domains with the market system is very fast and easy
  4. Using the WHOIS Lookup tool you can view the registration data for a domain name
  5. It offers you the Premium DNS services for less than $5 a year, your company can take advantage of this secure DNS service that is available worldwide.
  6. Namecheap offers FreeDNS, its advanced DNS hosting service, for people whose registrars do not provide DNS hosting with domain registration.
  7. You can buy a domain from $0.48 and extend it for 5 years, and do not pay more than $5.58

Disadvantages of Namecheap

  1. Within the support plan, the telephone support is not covered.
  2. There is little support in Spanish as it is an English-speaking company.
  3. Money-back waiting time takes about 14 days.
  4. It does not offer discounts to customers, compared to other platforms that continually do it to encourage.
  5. Some plans such as VPS present unattractive and deficient characteristics.
  6. In no case can the mail accounts exceed 2 GB.
  7. Constant decrease in server performance makes your page load slow


Advantages and disadvantages of namecheap hosting services
Namecheap even with all the disadvantages outlined, which are few compared to the advantages it brings, is still a recommended alternative among users; Always lower costs, especially for those who are starting in a project or business at the level of Web platforms, is a reason enough to decide for a certain hosting service, as is the case of Namecheap.