Advantages and disadvantages of GoDaddy services

Go Daddy is a domain and Internet hosting company. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Bob Parsons. This company is very famous for offering low cost services.

Advantages and disadvantages of godad

About Godaddy

GoDaddy stands out as a leader in the information technology industry in the Web area. During the year 2012, Godaddy was recognized by the company “Fortune” as one of the “Best Companies to work”.

For their excellent benefits and unique rewards for their collaborators. To give you a better idea GoDaddy has more 17.5 million customers and manages about 76 million domains, in more than 50 countries in the world;  So there are a lot of collaborators behind the support of each product. It also has servers in each of the regions where you want to hire your hosting.

Each offer in their respective languages and the payment can be made in the currency of each country. This company has many options to be able to register your domain among the most outstanding categories are technology, finance, lifestyle, sports, money, food and beverage among others. Here we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of hiring domain and hosting services with this important company.

Advantages of hiring GoDaddy Services


  1. Easy registration and access to services
  2. Attractive discount Policy
  3.  Domain Prices from $0.99 dollars
  4. After purchasing your domain you can set it up easily
  5. Offer a free year by transferring your domain from another vendor
  6. You can buy and sell domains at auction
  7. You have the option to configure up to 100 subdomains for your primary domain
  8. The service includes up to 100 email aliases.
  9. Monitor the service in real time ensuring that your website is active.
  10. Free technical support 24/7 at any time and in your language.
  11. Pre-Hire your domain you can do so by submitting your application before it is available to others.


  1. Choose the type of Linux or Microsoft server
  2. You can make the selection of the plan that suits you best (standard, Premium or advanced) according to your requirements.
  3. Have option to install in one click More than 125 free applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  4. Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack protection and security monitoring 24/7
  5. Optionally you can hire additional Hardware resources in one click to improve your (CPU, RAM, I/O, etc.)
  6. Guarantee in any of the plans 1 GB of space for your databases (MySQL Linux)
  7. Among the most outstanding hosting services include (shared Web hosting, VPS virtual Private server and dedicated server)
  8. From the hiring of advanced service you have the right to webs, storage space and unlimited bandwidth
  9. Support in your language available 24/7
  10. Godaddy manages its own hosting servers The software, security systems.
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Disadvantages of hiring Godaddy services

As you have seen there are many benefits that this company provides. But it also has its drawbacks we have compiled as many of them so you can compare with other hosting services

  1. The initial hosting service contract is for one year.
  2. You cannot make monthly payments for hosting services.
  3.  Service renewals have a higher cost compared to the first year of purchase.
  4. The technical support offered is only via telephone
  5. Do not have an email support or ticket system
  6. They don’t have online support chat.
  7. The response time after dialing your country’s support number may be at least 30 minutes
  8. Large number of customers, decreases response times for many
  9. Discount coupons for renovation are few or none.
  10. For those who hire the basic service it is impossible to modify the options of the subject and the access to the files is limited
  11. If you are unhappy with the service there is no guarantee of money back. In its terms of service stipulate that “all prices and rates are non-refundable”
  12. According to some reviews of GoDaddy accommodation we found. It can be a challenge for someone who starts having the support you need.
  13. In other reviews we could find that some plugins do not run properly.
  14. The website tends to fail to receive many visits. “Eye This depends on the plan hired” I spent with one of my blog


My opinion regarding the service of GoDaddy is as follows: I made my first blog hiring the hosting in the standard category, with Windows Plesk. But then I realized its limitations and opt to switch to the version of Linux with cpanel and migrate my web I had better results.  But the cost of renovating the service after a year was what really surprised me. Godaddy, it is advisable if you have some experience in the creation of webs and/or you need some very specific service. Almost no one recommends this vendor for eCommerce sites.