Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectric power is one of the most profitable sources of renewable energy over time;  Because the lifespan of its facilities is so durable, that it remains operational for decades and in many countries it is the main source of electricity generation.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic energy

Advantages of hydro-electric power

  1. Like other types of renewable energy, it is a clean energy.
  2. It’s a low-cost type of energy.
  3. Technology has been generated today to make the most efficient use of the resource.
  4. It’s a completely renewable energy.
  5. It is a very safe and low-risk energy source.
  6. It does not generate toxic emissions.
  7. The localities that are around a hydroelectric power plant can be benefited by the increase in their domestic economies.
  8. Reservoirs are used for recreational activities.
  9. Generates direct and indirect jobs.
  10. They allow a high degree of energy independence with respect to the importation of energy.

How Hydro Power Works

Hydro-electric power works by means of the movement of the producing water stream (kinetic energy) this becomes electricity. How hydro plants work.  By letting the water flow through turbines on its way to the sea, we can take advantage of some of the kinetic energy of the water to produce electricity.

Explanatory Video

Here you will know how to transform the stream of water from a river into electric energy taking advantage of this resource for the benefit of many cities in our country.

Hydroelectric power Disadvantages

  1.  There is a considerable environmental impact, affecting the riverbeds.
  2. The system of transport and distribution of the energy is of high cost.
  3. In dry periods it is affected by what decreases the water levels in the reservoirs.
  4. The appropriate spaces for hydroelectric installations are practically exhausted.
  5. Depending on the type of reservoir, large tracts of land are required, affecting the fauna.
  6. The start-up of a hydroelectric plant initially requires a large investment.
  7.  There is great dependence on the flow of the river.
  8. It generates mobilization of people who had residence in the place where the reservoir is built.
  9. There is the risk of flooding, although the accidents that have occurred are very few compared to other sources of energy.
  10. It depends in great way on the rainy season.
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The hydraulic energy represents one of the most profitable sources between the alternatives of generation of energy, its safety and reliability, they guarantee the use and application of this type of technology for the generation of electricity, that in some countries can Represent up to 70% of national consumption.