What is cloud storage? Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloud storage is one of the most successful services in this decade. It Offers the great advantage to those who use it to have access to their data instantly that is to say that the information must be always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week the 365 days of the year.

Advantages and disadvantages of storage and backup in the cloud

If at any time you have used applications like DropBox, Mega, Google Drive, One Drive;  So you’ve already used the data backup services in the cloud.  The main feature of this innovative service is that you can access your data through different technologies compatible with Smart Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops and desktop Computers. The main requirement is to have Internet access.

Which is the Cloud storage service

This Service consists of making copies of the information (Documents, Images, Videos, Music etc.) contained in your computer. While being accessible in real time from any part of the world. If you have the possibility to connect to the Internet.

Information support in the cloud works with a client-server platform. That Is to install an application on each computer or mobile device that you want to backup, you select the folders, files and ready your information will be transferred to an external site.

Importance of information support in the cloud

This backup system is very important because you can not control the failure of any storage media that uses this hard drive, flash memories or Micro SD. Nor can you prevent a fire, flood, or any other natural cause from ending your data (photos, videos, and documents). On this need online backup services are the best alternative.

Types of online storage service

There Are Two ways to access this service one is free and the other is through a payment or subscription, in both cases the service is provided in the format 7/24/365 which indicates that it will always be available.  These are the most common.

List of free online backup services

  1. Dropbox in its free mode only allow you to store up to 2GB of information on your servers.
  2. Google Drive will have free 15 GB available
  3. Wetransfer allows to send up to 2GB of information that will be available for up to 2 weeks in its free version
  4. Amazon Drive is limited since it only allows you 30 days of testing your services
  5. OneDrive provides a Microsoft service that offers up to 5GB free space.
  6. Mega this service in its free form allows you up to 50GB cloud storage the first 30 days
  7. Icloud Offers 5 GB to its users.
  8. MediaFire initially guarantees up to 10GB of space on its servers
  9. Pcloud least known Service offered initially 20GB
  10.  Box only offers free services with a maximum of 10GB
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If you make use of the cloud storage services free of charge;  You will be subject to the regulations that each of these companies have. To use these services you can create an account in each of these companies.

Benefits of Cloud support services

Among The most important advantages we can highlight the following:

  1. Efficiency and reliability: The suppliers of this back-up service have the latest technology in performance and safety. In Addition Many monitor 24 hours for 7 days systems and worry about having everything properly updated.
  2. Scalability: No Big Payouts The vendor sets a price per gigabyte to expand capacity, we don’t have to think about how to expand disk space, just hire.
  3. Improved Data recovery time for small amounts: one of the flaws in tape copying is the slow access to data, with backup in the cloud access to an online hard drive, fast system for a few hundred megas but for large quantities Pu Be a tedious task
  4. Accessibility: In front of a catastrophe in our office we can recover the data with only a computer and an Internet connection

Disadvantages of cloud support services

Let’s give special attention to the disadvantages of the backup service in the cloud because they can seriously affect the continuity of the service if of a company.

  1. The Initial copy of data: Depending on the amount of information we have on our computers this can be very slow.
  2. Size Limit: There Is a size limit per file that you should not exceed
  3. Service discontinuity: If You do not have access to the Internet you will not be able to access your data
  4. Mobile data usage Costs: Data uploading and lowering is costly
  5. The speed of the Internet access Service can greatly impair the quality of this service.

This service is very advantageous and easy to use, because as we saw allows us to have access to our information in real time, if you still do not have an account in one of the companies that offer online storage. You Can sign up for free and take advantage of all of its benefits. Remember that the information is the most valuable asset we have and care is our duty.

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